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This is an example of a post I created to promote Austin Peay State University's award-winning "Be A Gov" campaign across various social media channels. 

The "Be A Gov" campaign showcases the diversity of our campus by allowing students to express what made them choose to attend Austin Peay. 

I was very involved in the process of social media content creation for this campaign. From photographs to short videos, I aim to encapsulate the spirit of what it means to "Be A Gov." 

I took all of the photos in the following Facebook posts, unless stated otherwise. 

In these examples, I created both the graphic(s) and the message. Content is property of Austin Peay State University.


Photo blogs are a great tool for telling visual stories. My team frequently produced photo blogs to document happenings on the Austin Peay State University campus. 

I created this social media post to promote a Halloween photo blog I published on Austin Peay's #Peaypix Tumblr. While the link in the post connects users to the homepage of our Tumblr, you can view the complete photo blog here


AP Day is where many prospective students begin their Austin Peay State University journey. I created a series of posts to promote AP Day registration across Austin Peay's social media platforms. 

This post has currently reached 3,000 Facebook users! 


I enjoyed bridging the gap between the Austin Peay brand and current events by occasionally posting relevant pop culture content. I created this post in the midst of Pokemon Go's popularity, and it has currently reached 24,150 Facebook users! 


Part of my role at Austin Peay State University was to let our social media audiences know about upcoming events and activities on campus. 

This is an example of a post and message I created to publicize a t-shirt giveaway hosted by our Student Government Association. 


I love exploring new ways to get the social media community engaged with content. During the summer of 2016, I decided to post a series of interactive photos on Facebook for our followers to connect with. This post has currently reached 16,565 Facebook users! 

Please click the photo to be able to experience the interactive element via Facebook. 


At Austin Peay State University, we encourage our followers to pursue their goals through weekly "Monday Motivation" posts. 

This is an example of a "Monday Motivation" post I created using a photo I took and a quote from Albert Einstein. 


Scenics truly embody the beauty of the Austin Peay State University campus. When we received snowfall in our area, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to promote our "Be A Gov" campaign. 


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